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All about our way of working and doing business

We feel it is right to explain our way of working, growing plants, offering, labeling, selling, and give various instructions to you. If you can't find you're interested in here, contact us!

About Phytosanitary certificate

Phytosanitary certificate is required to export plants outside the Europaean Union. We can provide it in few days. Plants can be sent to countries outside the Europaean Union without Phytosanitary certificate, but only at the responsibility of the buyer. In case that the customs phytosanitary service in the destination country rejects or destroys the package, we do not accept any responsibility.

We understand that additional documents such as Phytosanitary certificate and CITES represent an additional unnecessary cost for you. Many of our customers order plants without a Phytosanitary certificate, but at their own risk. For all these customers, the package is sent as a sample of goods and marked as 'Home decoration' content. All buyers from Israel, Hong Kong, China, Canada, Thailand, India, Russia, Singapore and the UK have received their packages without any problems so far. We have also successfully shipped packages to Chile, Brazil and Australia. In some countries few plants can be imported without Phytosanitary certificate. Nevertheless, please check at the customs administration in your country how it is with the import of plants, as we hold no responsibility for any losses due to customs issues or plant damages due to delayed shipping.

Our way of growing plants

We have been cultivated cacti and other succulents for more than 40 years, initially privately as a collection, and since 2006 professionally. The plants are grown in four smaller greenhouses with a controlled climate. Most plants are sown, some are grown vegetatively, and many are grafted, especially the more sensitive and rare species of cacti. Our plants grow slowly, so they are resistant, which is also confirmed by our satisfied customers.

Way of Selling

In the first five years of our professional business, we wholesale cacti and other succulents in Slovenia. For the last ten years we have been offering plants at different Flower and Cactus fairs in the EU. In spring 2001 we successfully started selling on eBay, which proved to be very successful. Because we want to provide our customers even more affordable plants and better service, we have created this online store, which offers a much wider range of our products.


All plants are marked with handwritten or printed labels. We print labels with a laser printer, printing and labels last at least 10 years. The label may include the information on species, field number, location, year of sowing, plant origin and frost resistance. For example, the image shows the data:
Species: Obregonia denegrii
Field number: SB 448
Location: San Vicente, Tamaulipas, Mexico
Year of sowing: S 2001
Source: ex RK 21

Phytosanitary and CITES registration

Our nursery is registered in Slovenian Phyto Register (No. 764932). All our plants are gained and artifically reproduced in accordance with CITES convention (CITES statement no. 35617-173/2013-4 of Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Slovenia). For the sale of plants outside the Europaean Union, an Phytosanitary Certificate can be added to the consignment on request, which also includes a declaration of plant compliance with CITES II. At the request of the customer, for plants that are on the CITES list Annex I, we can provide a appropriate certificate.


The packages are shipped via Pošta Slovenije Priority Mail. The plants are packed in soft paper or newspaper depending on the size and spination of the plants. All shipments to other continents go by air-mail so your package can arrive at the other end of the world in ten days. When the package leaves Slovenia we have no control and influence on transport, so please inform us as soon as possible if you do not receive the shipment within three weeks.

Quarter price corner

There is always a lack of space in any cacti greenhouse, so there are often plants that stay in a corner. We don’t throw these away, we offer them to customers for much lower prices. These are plants that we have sown or propagated too much, are returning from fairs or are in treatment for any injuries. We are happy to be able to offer such plants to beginners and those who want to expand their collection quickly.
All products in section Quarter Price Corner are WYSIWYG items. so you will get exactly the plant that is on the picture. This are second class quality items with a much reduced prices. For that reason we accept a complaint only in case the plant dies within 14 days after receiving the product.

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